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Jaehaw Lee, Seungmo Choe (APAN-KR/KOREN NOC)
Yung Yi, Yanghee Choi, Wang Lijing (Seoul National University)
Sungkwan Youm (Korea University)
Kazunori Konishi, Yasuichi Kitatsuji (APAN-JP, KDD)

This demonstration applies QoS to the GiDVN demonstration traffic. This demonstration is an attempt to provide DiffServ support for DV over the JP-KR link that will be provisioned for supporting QoS traffic. The demonstration will provide for a combination of production-level IPv4 traffic (BE - best effort traffic) and GiDVN demo traffic (premium service traffic) on the same link. The current JP-KR link bandwidth is 8Mbps and the day-to-day average traffic seems to average around 3Mbps. If the IPv4 traffic does not provide for sufficient volume congestion on the link during the demo, additional traffic will be produced. The potential sources include video server sources at the Seoul National University and Korea University, and 4-way videoconferencing between Yokohama, SNU, KU and the APAN-KR NOC. APAN-KR is a consortium providing a means for Korea to participate in the APAN, and KOREN is an advanced research & education network, which support APAN-KR members such as SNU and KU and the original KOREN members in Korea.

  Additional Demonstration Description (PDF)

Additional Demonstration Description (HTML)

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