Advanced Networking Services Facilities

iCAIR uses its facilities to experiment with and to showcase advanced networking services. At times, these facilities are used to provide advanced prototype services as a "proof-of-concept." After initial research and development, some of iCAIR's advanced network services and technologies migrate from labs to facilities, such as networking testbeds, where larger scale experiments can be undertaken. Later, they may be placed within facilities that can be accessed by the wider research community, for example, by those at other research organizations. A few may further migrate to "proof-of-concept" facilities, in a pre-production mode, or in a "near-production service" mode.

Several advanced services have been implemented in prototype on the MREN network, others on testbeds and on national advanced networks. Advanced networking technology makes it possible to scale such capabilities to a significant worldwide community with access to high performance networks. As these technologies become more stable, they may become accessible to a world-wide advanced network constituency linked via advanced networks, for example, through Starlight (the "optical "STAR TAP" - Science Technology and Research Transit Access Point). (These services and technologies cannot be access by those who have only general Internet services.) Eventually, some of these technologies migrate into commercial systems. For example, the results of several iCAIR initiatives have been migrated, or, are in the process of being migrated, into commercial networking infrastructure products. At various regional, national and international forums, iCAIR uses these facilities to showcase and demonstrate advanced networking applications, services, and technologies to a wide range of constituencies, including those within higher education, government, research centers, and corporations. These events are usual based on leading-edge services and facilities at various sites to which iCAIR researchers have access.


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