Organizational Structure and Staffing

The Center's organizational structure is typical of a research center, including a governing structure, project managers, individual researchers, and advisory committees. External advisors include Irving Wladawsky-Berger, IBM's General Manager of its Linux Division, Rick Stevens, Director of Argonne National Laboratory's Mathematics and Computer Science Division and Tom DeFanti, Director of the Electronics and Visualization Laboratory of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Projects at the Center are undertaken by Fellows, Research Associates, Visiting Scientists, Visiting Engineers, Visiting Scholars, graduate students, undergraduate students, and technical specialists from Northwestern, other universities, research centers, national laboratories and corporations. Each mission area (advanced applications, next generation middleware and metasystems, advanced Infrastructure, and Policy Studies) has a number of associated individuals and technical specialists. A number of corporate research associates have been residents at the Center, including Brian Carpenter from IBM, who is now the Director of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). David Martin, Program Manager, Internet Standards and Technology for IBM, is a current Research Associate at iCAIR. He is also a member of the Grid Forum Steering Group, Global Grid Forum (GGF)

The Center works with faculty at Northwestern, which is organized around professional schools, has extremely skilled and knowledgeable faculty in many disciplines whose research and expertise are influencing advanced Internet development. These areas include network research in computer science, computer engineering, materials science, nanotechnology, photonics, business, biosciences, medical sciences, genomics, high energy physics, health care, physical sciences, educational technologies, telecommunication policy, journalism, and media. In addition, the Center works on many collaborative projects with researchers nationally and internationally.


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