Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory

The MCS Division of Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). ANL is a large multiprogram laboratory operated by the University of Chicago for the Department of Energy. ANL's mission is basic and applied research that supports the development of energy related technologies. In support of that mission, ANL has developed one of the world's most advanced capabilities for advanced and high performance computing, especially in the area of parallel processing, GRID development, e.g., Globus, advanced applications for advanced networks and advanced networking.. MCS was one of the developers of the pioneering I-WAY project in 1995. ( Globus is a project being developed by a national collaboration led by Ian Foster of the Argonne National Laboratory MCS Division and Carl Kesselman of the California Institute of Technology, that is creating an integrated set of basic Grid services, termed the "Globus Toolkit." This toolkit is a collection of components that provide basic services such as security, resource location, resource management, communication, interfacing and linking utilities, as well as related object libraries, development systems, and compilers. Globus will be available as an underlying component Grid resource that will be used by Grid applications.


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