Policies and Methodology

iCAIR activities are based on principles that ensure the highest possible quality of excellence. For example, research principles are optimized for discovery of new knowledge, founded on proven research processes, especially validation techniques, rigorous methodologies, objectivity, and open discussion and debate. iCAIR recognizes that information technology is best developed as a collaborative effort among numerous individuals and groups working cooperatively. The Center works closely with, and supports, multiple research communities that are driving technology development.

iCAIR also recognizes the proprietary nature of some types of research. iCAIR maintains procedures and enforcement mechanisms for signing and adhering to non-disclosure agreements, and ensuring that the intellectual property rights of individuals and corporations are protected.

Almost all of iCAIR's research is interdisciplinary in nature, and many research areas use networks to gain leverage among different technologies and applications by inter-linking them in innovative ways. A particular focus is the design and development of large-scale systems that can grow to deployment over wide areas, especially globally. Another area of focus is the development of new forms of integrated distributed environments, including Grids. The majority of iCAIR projects are oriented toward developing solutions for major recognized problems in advanced digital communications. However, the Center also undertakes high-risk research and experimentation, through carefully designed, well-defined projects, especially when opportunities may provide for significant technical advances.

iCAIR envisions a continuous creation spiral in which technologies are designed, developed, prototyped, and implemented in early deployment and then continuously improved or replaced by new innovations. (A few experiments will, by necessity, fail, but will thereby contribute to the overall understanding of proofs of concepts.) Projects are defined within mission parameters. There is a formal mechanism for project authorization. Projects initiate in various sponsored or associated advanced research labs, which will focus on projects defined within the iCAIR's core mission areas (primarily pre-alpha and alpha stages) advanced applications, middleware, and foundation infrastructure.

Last Updated: 20 April 2009