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Peter Marshall
Applications, CANARIE Inc., Canada

Digital Video on-demand applications demonstrated include the film archive of Canada's National Film Board, a video library that is accessible through CANARIE's CA*Net network. Live transmission of digital video demonstrated includes transmission of Canada's public access channel. The Advanced Research and Development NOC (ARDNOC) and the Canadian Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) are providing quality multimedia content to the CA*net 3 research community. As of January 2000 the ARDNOC began multicasting CPAC content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will continue to do so for a period of one year. During this time, CA*net 3 members and participants will be able to view programs in either H.261 or MPEG1 encoding formats using a variety of tools from Cisco Systems, Real Networks, and the open source community. This service provides researchers and educators with a unique opportunity to test, experiment, and evaluate the performance of IP Multicast technologies over a high-bandwidth research network. They also have access to excellent coverage of Canadian public affairs. Canada is also involved with iCAIR on the development of the International Institute for Materials Sciences.

Peter is involved in a variety of research projects that facilitate research and developing systems and services based on digital audio/video capture, indexing, storage, and distribution as well as other high-speed networking applications using Canada's very high-speed CA*net3 research network.

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