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Cesar Olvera, Telecommunication Department
National University of Mexico, UNAM, Mexico
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, UNAM

Cesar Olvera is working with iCAIR on several projects, including IPv6 projects and those oriented toward media-enabled applications, such as the International Institute for Materials Science (IVI), which is being developed as a high quality Internet-based research and educational institution with all the functionality of other such institutions, but without the requirements of a physical campus. Cesar is working on UNAM's IPv6 project. The UNAM has a 6Bone pTLA (3FFE:8070::/28), and seven connection (tunnels) with other 6bone nodes. The objectives of the UNAM's IPv6 project are to integrate IPv6 within telecommnication networks of the UNAM, to participate in national and international IPv6 research and development projects, to diffuse IPv6 within applications, and to provide IPv6 services in Mexico.

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