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Sebastia Sallent
I2-CAT Project

This research team is presenting digital video scientific programs. They are developing advanced media services on a next generation Internet infrastructure that they are also creating, I2-CAT, an experimental I2 network that interconnects all Catalan Universities (8), four primary Hospitals and multimedia content producers like TV3 (Catalan broadcast TV) and Media Park (temathic Channels) to the GigaPoP of the UPC. One service is Video on Demand (VoD) based on high-performance unix servers, which provide MPEG1 and MPEG2 streams as well as lower band streams for such clients as Real Video Systems and Microsoft media clients. Also, they can produce a real time MPEG2 stream at 15 Mbps using a Real Magic card. Recently, they demonstrated VoD MPEG1 transmissions for a tele-education application and a remote telediagnostic Cardiology system between BIT an UPC (12 Km linked with 8Mbps virtual circuit base on IP/ATM/SDH). For this demonstration, I2CAT in Barcelona is linked through an international connection via RedIRIS (Spanish academic Network) and DANTE. At the beginning of June, the network implemented some applications with DS, IS and IPv6 prototype services.

Click here for the list of the science videos.
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