Press Releases


   Press Releases

       High-Performance Networked Application2008s a First for the National Science Foundation at the 2009 AAAS Annual Meeting in Chicago
        February 2009

       New Communication Service for Ultra High Performance Digital Media Demonstrated at GLIF 2008 Workshop in Seattle, Washington
        October 1, 2008

       First Place at the SC 07 Analytics Challenge Awarded to ANGLE, the New Approach for Protecting Cyber-infrastructure
        November 15, 2007

       High Performance Digital Media Using Optical Multicast Demonstrated at SC07 Conference in Reno, Nevada
        November 15, 2007

       Teraflow Network ­ A High Performance Facility for Distributing and Sharing Large E-Science Data Sets Announced at SC07
        November 12, 2007

       Nortel, Northwestern University Demonstrate Next-Gen Digital Media Optical Network, Industry’s First Permanent Global Test Bed Proves New Digital Media Optimization Technologies
        November 2007

       SAGE-enabled Cyberspace Demonstration over GLORIAD Takes Place as Part of Sputnik Celebration
        September 24, 2007

       USA and Russian GLORIAD Partnership Building International Geoscience Collaboration
        September 24, 2007

       New Optical Transport Technology for High Performance Digital Media Demonstrated at GLIF Conference in Prague, Czech Republic
        September 17, 2007

       GLORIAD: USA-Russia Lightpath Enables Fast Data Transfer of Terabyte-sized Scientific Datasets
        June 1, 2007

       LSU Offers HPC Course in HDTV to Multiple Sites over LONI, AREON, NLR, CESNET and StarLight
        January 17, 2007

       NCDM Wins SC 06 Bandwidth Challenge and Establishes New Milestone Transporting Terabyte Size E-Science Data Sets
        November 27, 2006

       New Global Grid Computing and Communications Technology Demonstrated by Researchers in U.S. and Japan
        September 11, 2006

       NCREN and NLR Research Collaboration
        August 29, 2006

       Steven Goldstein Elected to the Russian Academy of Sciences
        July 21, 2006

       10 Gigabit Ethernet Connects TransLight/Pacific Wave
        and TransLight/StarLight
        July 19, 2006

       Force10 Anchors High Density 10 Gb Ethernet Networks
        at iGrid 2005, Enabling Advanced Real-time Applications
        September 29, 2005

       Force10 Networks Anchors High Density 10 Gigabit Ethernet
        Networks at iGrid 2005, Enabling Advanced Real-time Applications
        September 29, 2005

       Force10 Networks Anchors High Density 10 Gigabit Ethernet
        Networks at iGrid 2005, Enabling Advanced Real-time
        September 29, 2005

       Force10 Networks Anchors High Density 10 Gigabit Ethernet
        Networks at iGrid 2005, Enabling Advanced Real-time
        September 29, 2005

       Nortel Demonstrates World's First Integrated Data Encryption
        for 10 Gbps Networks
        September 28, 2005

       Lambda OpticalSystems Announces Advanced Technology
        Initiative at iGrid 2005 Conference
        September 26, 2005

       Glimmerglass Optical Switch to Power 10Gb/s Connections on
        OptIPuter’s Local and National Supercomputing Network
        September 22, 2005

       Lambda OpticalSystems Introduces Lambdanode200
        Optical Switching System; Gmpls Control Plane Provisions
        Optical Networks Fast and Reliably
        June 7, 2005

       iGrid to Push Edge of Networking Frontier by Demonstrating
        World's Most Demanding Applications
        May 4, 2005

       Former Chairman of the Internet Society and Former iCAIR
        Research Associate to Lead Internet Standards Body
        March 3, 2004

       End-to-End 10 GBPS Wavelength Inaugurates New Optical
        Networking Infrastructure
        November 2, 2004

       World's longest native 10Gigabit Ethernet connection
        established between Japan, and CERN Switzerland across
        research networks in US, Canada, Netherlands,and Japan
        October 21, 2004

       Global Lambda Integrated Facility Annual Meeting Attracts
        60 Leaders in Advanced Networking and Scientific Applications
        September 22, 2004

       Fermilab Inaugurates StarLight Connection
        July 1, 2004

       US, Russia, China Link Up to Form Global Ring Network
        for Advanced Science & Education Cooperation
        December 29, 2003

       RSNA 2003 Presents First World-Wide Multicast of Image
        Interpretation Session Showcase Over Global Advanced Networks
        December 4, 2003

       First Trans European Use of 10 GBPS Ethernet Traffic Wan Phy
        Supporting 5.4 GBPS Sustained Single Stream and 9.2 GBPS
        Multi-Stream PC to PC
        October 2, 2003

       JISC announces UKLight, a £6.5 major international million
        networking initiative
        May 27, 2003

       SURFnet Selects Global Crossing for New
        High Performance Transatlantic Link
        May 12, 2003

       New network gives science added power
        March 5 2003

       Calient Networks Chosen as a Core Platform for Optiputer
        February 10, 2003

       New World Record Set for TCP Disk-to-Disk Bulk Transfer
        December 10, 2002

       SC2002 Bandwidth Challenge Winners Set
        New Network Performance Marks
        November 27, 2002

       Lambda Join Demonstration Wins Award
        at Supercomputing 02 Conference
        November 21, 2002

       NTT Streams Super High Definition Video From
        Midwest to West Coasst Over High-speed Network
        October 30, 2002

       High Performance Digital Video Demonstrated
        at iGRID2002
        September 24, 2002

       New Record for Moving Data Transatlantically
        September 24, 2002

       Canadian Researchers Break Records for Data Transfer with
        Newly Established "Light Path"

        A Terabyte of Data Transferred to Switzerland With Speeds
        Doubling Previous Records
        September 30, 2002

       Level 3 Supports iGRID 2002 Global Research and Science
        Event with 10 Gb TransatlanticTRANSATLANTIC LINK
        Wavelength Turned Up in Days with ONTAP Event to Showcase
        High-end Optical Networking Applications of the Future
        September 18, 2002

       I-Wire Activation First Step to National Teragrid Network
        July 22, 2002

       Industry Canada and Canarie Inc. Partner to Build CA*NET 4
        April 29, 2002

       SDSC Announces Formation and Inaugural Workshop
        of Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware
        Assembly for International Collaboration
        March 11, 2002

       AMPATH Adds Top Research Connection Point in
        Sao Paulo, Brazil to Its Americas High-Speed Network
        March 6, 2002

       SURFnet brings transatlantic lambda for research into
        optical networks into service
        January 16, 2002

       International Research Gains From Optical Networking
        December 5, 2001

       The Future Looks Bright for "StarLight"
        December 5, 2001

       Nortel Networks, SBC Communications and Northwestern
        University Trial Emerging Optical Networking Solutions
        December 5, 2001

      Understanding StarLight: An Interview with Joe Mambretti
        November 14, 2001

      StarLight, a next generation Science Technology and Research
        Transit Access Point (STAR TAP)
        March 15, 2001

      Teleglobe Announces Link to StarLight
        March 5, 2001

      Global Crossing Announce Links to Starlight
        March 5, 2001

      World's First Prototype Global Internet Digital Video
        Network (GiDVN)
        July 19, 2000

      Internet2 Member Meeting
        C-SPAN, iCAIR and Internet2 Announce
        New Digital Video Initiative
        Press Release Q & A
        March 27-28, 2000

      Business Strategies Leveraging the Next-Generation Internet
        November 3, 1999

      Northwestern University and IBM Demonstrate
        Future Digital Video Technologies
        July 26, 1999

      Northwestern University, IBM and Partners
        Launch First Global Center for Advanced
        Internet Technologies
        April 6, 1999

      MREN to Provide High Performance Connectivity
        to Abilene Network
        February 24, 1999

      Mort Rahimi and Joel Mambretti Named to Mayor Daley's Council
        of Technology Advisors (MCTA)
        January 22, 1999

      Project to Test Key Premise of Future High-Speed Network
        December 11. 1998

      Northwestern University Wins Honorable Mention in EDUCAUSE
        Awards for Excellence in Campus Networking
        December 10, 1998

      Internet2 Announces New Initiative to Accelerate Advanced
        Network Application Development
        September 28, 1998

      Northwestern, IBM and Ameritech Announce Advanced
        Internet Technology Research Center
        July 15, 1998

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        New Internet is the Stuff of Dreams
        Chicago Tribune, July 27, 2006

       US - Japan Formalize Collaboration in High-Performance
         Information and Communications Technology
        July 26, 2006

       New Korea-North America & Korea-China 10G circuits
        launch in August: Opening ceremony planned for
        September 5 - September 6, 2005 in Seoul
        August 10, 2005

       United States, Russia, China Link Up First Global-Ring Network
        for Advanced Science and Education
        January 31, 2005

       NU researcher glimpses 3rd generation of Internet
        The Chicago Sun-Times
        July 20, 2004

       National LambdaRail Grows Membership: Six new members join
        the NLR momentum in innovation and experimentation
        June 2, 2004

       Bandwidth Challenge Teams Push Networking Performance
        Envelope at SC2003 Conference – Sustained 23 Gigabits
        per Second Sets New Record
        November 15-21, 2003

       NLR Announces Lighting First Path of National Footprint:
        Chicago to Pittsburgh
        November 18, 2003

       Force10 Enables Transcont'l 10 Gb Ethernet WAN Transmission
        October 24, 2003

       New Internet Protocol Sets Milestone for Fast and Friendly
        Trans-Atlantic Data Transport
        October 13, 2003

       CANARIE: End to End Lightpaths Used to Bypass Internet
        Bottlenecks for High Speed Data Transfer Between CERN
        and Canada, Via SURFnet and StarLight
        August 13, 2003

       World's Fastest Network Lauched to Connect Teragrid Sites
        March 17, 2003, GRIDtoday

       Lighting Up 'Dark Fiber:' Collapse of telecommunications companies
        gives colleges rare, cheap opportunity to own networks
        March 14, 2003 Issue

       Scientists set transmission record
        December 5, 2002

       Chiaro Networks unveils routing platform;
         supplies platform to institute
        November 18, 2002

       Once Hog Butcher for the World, Chicago
         Becomes a City of Advanced Optical Networks
        March 15, 2002

       StarLight program shines at Northwestern
        January 24, 2002

       Northwestern University, Nortel launch high-speed network
        December 14, 2001

       High-speed networks make home in Illinois
        December 10, 2001

      All-optical network sends data 10 to 100 times faster
        December 6, 2001

      Team fine-tunes Net video feed in the lab
        August 14, 2000

      ICAIR builds landmark portal
        July 27, 2000

      Much-Improved Digital Video Is Demonstrated at Internet2 Meeting
        March 30, 2000

      Joel Mambretti, Northwestern University, and Andrew Schmidt
        co-author "Next Generation Internet"
        January 10, 2000

      IBM exec urges future business leaders to capitalize on Internet II
        October 28, 1999

      Computer experts work on casting another Net;
        Internet2's promise excites users
        July 26, 1999

      Chicago may net another 'world's busiest' designation
        March 14, 1999

      Northwestern Plots Next Internet Wave
        February 1999

      Center to Harness Next Internet for Science
        July 1998

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