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GigaPort selects Global Crossing as preferred supplier for global Internet connectivity

Utrecht, 5 March 2001 -- - In a public tender GigaPort has awarded Global Crossing 'preferred supplier' status for supplying a number of services for the global Internet connectivity of the GigaPort network. With Global Crossing GigaPort is now drafting a contract for the period of July 2001 until the end of 2002.

In a public tender in compliance with European regulations GigaPort received thirteen offers with proposals for the realisation of Global Connectivity. Global Crossing was made preferred supplier for part of this tender. The aim of the cooperation between GigaPort and Global Crossing is the realisation of global connectivity from the SURFnet5 backbone location at SARA (Stichting Academisch Rekencentrum Amsterdam). This connection will have a speed of 1 Gigabit per second. GigaPort and Global Crossing will also realise a Virtual Private Network connection between SARA and the SURFnet Point of Presence in Chicago, which will be built within the GigaPort project. The PoP in Chicago will replace the current SURFnet PoP in New York City, and like the current PoP it will be connected to the STAR TAP at a speed of 622 Mbit/s. Through STAR TAP GigaPort has connections to several high-speed networks in North America and Asia.

GigaPort is a joint project of the Dutch government, trade and industry, educational institutions and research institutes. The aim of GigaPort is to give the Netherlands a head start in the development and use of advanced, innovative technology. GigaPort Network, part of GigaPort, counts itself among the world's leading research networks and offers companies and institutions a state-of-the-art test environment for developing new (network) services. GigaPort is implemented under the authority of the GigaPort Steering Committee. GigaPort Network is realised by SURFnet; GigaPort Applications by the Telematica Instituut. Visit the GigaPort website for more information: www.gigaport.nl.

Global Crossing
Global Crossing Ltd. (NYSE: GX) provides integrated telecommunications solutions over the world's most extensive global IP-based fiber-optic network, which will have more than 100,000 route miles, reaching five continents, 27 countries and more than 200 major cities by mid-2001. Global Crossing serves many of the world's largest corporations, providing a full range of managed data and voice products and services. Global Crossing operates throughout the Americas, Europe, and the Asia/Pacific region, and provides services in Asia through its subsidiary, Asia Global Crossing. Global Crossing Solutions provides integrated telecommunications solutions, including network outsourcing, to large global enterprises. Please visit www.globalcrossing.com or www.asiaglobalcrossing.com for more information..

(On the basis of this public tender GigaPort has selected a second preferred supplier. See the press release: 'Teleglobe preferred supplier for global Internet connectivity GigaPort and lambda-connection StarLight')

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