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  The iGRID GiDVN demonstrations for INET2000 present a wide range of digital video applications and technologies being developed at organizations world-wide. The iGRID GiDVN is a project that is developing technologies that will eventually enable the implementation of a global international testbed for advanced multimedia. The potential capabilities of such a testbed was first presented publicly at the 1998 Supercomputing Conference (SC98), in Orlando Florida. At SC98, the iGRID GiDVN project demonstrated selected capabilities of advanced digital video. The potential for developing an advanced Internet media showcase for INET2000 was first discussed during the October 1999 Seattle meeting of the Digital Video Working group of the Coordination Committee for Intercontinental Research Networks. (www.ccirn.org). One general objective of the GiDVN project is to expand the capabilities of digital video from its current restricted usage on the Internet to allow it to be utilized more as a common data type, especially with regard to core architecture, access, integration with other applications, infrastructure scalability, differentiated services, quality of services, and interfaces with other Internet technology components. Eventually, advanced capabilities will be an integral part of an architecture that will provide a general, persistent digital video "dial tone." This demonstration was organized by the International Center for Advanced Internet Research at Northwestern University (www.icair.org), the STAR TAP (www.startap.net), the iGRID, and many international partners noted on these Web pages.  
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