Event Participation

bullet  bullet    Oct 17- 19, 2007
        GridNets 2007, Lyon, France
         iCAIR  served on the Technical Program Committee of GridNets 2007

bullet  bullet   Oct 17- 19, 2007
        GridNets 2007, Lyon, France
         iCAIR  served on the Technical Program Committee of GridNets 2007

bullet  bullet Oct 9, 2007
       DARPA Workshop on Request for Information on Routing Protocols and Management for High Capacity Networks
        Arlington, Va.

bullet  bullet  Oct 3, 2007
       SAGE-enabled Cyberspace Demonstration over GLORIAD -- Part of Sputnik Celebration
       iCAIR participated in supporting a special event as part of the 50th year anniversary of the Sputnik launch.

bullet  bullet   Sept 24, 2007
               USA and Russian GLORIAD Partnership Establish International Geoscience Collaboration
        iCAIR participated in establishing a new high performance network to support international geoscience collaborations between the US and the Russian federation.

bullet  bullet  Sept 19-20, 2007
             CEF Workshop
              Prague, Czech Republic
       Presentation: TeraFlow Network: An National Research Testbed for Data Intensive Science - Based on Dynamic Lightpaths
       Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet Sept 17-18, 2007
       7th Annual Global LambdaGrid Workshop
       Prague, Czech Republic
       Demonstration: International High Performance Digital Media Based on Dynamic Optical Multicast

       Presentation: International High Performance Digital Media Based on Dynamic Optical Multicast – An Application Perspective

       Joe Mambretti

       Presentation: International High Performance Digital Media Based on Dynamic Optical Multicast – A Control Plane Perspective

       Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  July 20-21,2007
                Chicago, Illinois

bullet  bullet July 18, 2007
                Illinois Broadband Deployment Policy Taskforce Meeting
                Chicago, Illinois

bullet  bullet June 1, 2007
       iCAIR, the NCDM and GLORIAD Immplement and Demonstrate New USA-Russia Lightpath Enables Fast Data Transfer of Terabyte-Sized Scientific Datasets, Using StarLight As a Core Facility
     Chicago, Illinois


bullet  bullet   June 9, 2007
        Presentation: Recent Advanced Grid Network Research Experiments and Results
         Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet   June 5-8, 2007
        GridAsia 2007
         Presentation:  21st Century Communications, Services, Architecture, and Technology
         Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  April 20, 2007
        Forum on Next Generation Networks
         Illinois State University
         Presentation: The Future of Higher Education and Next Generation Communications
         Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  February 28, 2007
         Terabit LAN Workshop

bullet  bullet  February 25-27, 2007
       6th Annual ON*VECTOR International Photonics Workshop
       Presentation: International High Performance, High Definition Digital Media Using Dynamic Optical Multicast and L2 Frame Duplication
       Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  February 7, 2007
       Chicago Council on Global Affairs
       Chicago, Illinois
       Presentation: Chicago’s Global Future and International Advanced Communications
        Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet January 21-23
        OptIPuter AHM

       Presentation: International High Performance, High Definition Digital Media Using Dynamic Optical Multicast and L2 Frame Duplication
        Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  December 6, 2007
       YPO Forum
       Chicago, Illinois
       Presentation: National and International Advanced Communications and Infrastructure
         Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  November 11-17, 2006
       Tampa, Florida
       Demonstration: International Optical Multicast Demonstration:  TeraFlow Testbed

bullet  bullet  October 23-25, 2006
         US-Large Hadron Collider (LHC) End-to-End Networking Meeting
         Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
         Presentation: Cross Network Interdomain) Interoperability
         Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  Sept. 13, 2006
        Global Lambda Networking Symposium
         Tokyo, Japan

bullet  bullet  Sept 11-12, 2006
        6th Annual Global Lambda Grid Workshop
        Tokyo, Japan
        Co-organizer: Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  Sept 7-8, 2006
        Optical Networking Testbed 3 (ONT-3) Workshop
       Tokyo, Japan
       Co-Chair Joe Mambretti
       Presentation:  OMNInet Testbed, GENI, and International Optical Networking Services
        Joe Mambretti

[Nov 19 2002- Sept 2006 in development]
bullet  bullet Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2002
       Chiaro Networks unveils routing platform; supplies platform to institute

bullet  bullet September 2002
       iCAIR was one of the institutions that organized iGRID2002. in Amersterdam.

bullet  bullet  December 5-6, 2001
       NSF Grand Challenges in e-Science Workshop Report
       Electronic Visualization Laboratory
       University of Illinois at Chicago
       Joe Mambretti
       Chicago, IL

       This NSF sponsored workshop resulted in the following: "Report to the National Science Foundation Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) Advanced Networking Infrastructure & Research Division".

This report in both Word and PDF versions is available at the following Web site, along with the workshop agenda and presentation information from speakers:

bullet  bullet November 4-6, 2001
       Digital Communities: Cities in the Information Society
       Presentation: Next Generation Optical Metro Networks,
       OMNInet and CivicNet

       Joe Mambretti
       Chicago, IL

bullet  bullet October 19, 2001
       National Science Foundation CISE Advisory Committee Meeting
       Northwestern University, Evanston Campus

bullet  bullet  September 12-13, 2001
       International Lambda Workshop
       Hosted by: TERENA
       Joe Mambretti
       Amsterdam, Netherlands

        iCAIR co-organized, with StarLight et al., the first annual Global lambda Grid Workshop, which was hosted by TERENA in Amsterdam.

bullet  bullet  August 1, 2001
       Leadership Luncheon in Honor of Richard M. Daley,
       Mayor of the City of Chicago
       The Mid-American Committee for International Business and Government Cooperation
       Chicago, IL
bullet  bullet  June 25, 2001
       NECC 2001
       Chicago, IL
       Presentation: "Enabling Education Through the Next Generation Internet"
        Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  June 8-9, 2001
       Co-ordinating Committee for International Research
       Networking Annual Meeting

       Stockholm, Sweeden
       Presentation: US Advanced Networks and Measurements
       Presentation: StarLight, the Optical STAR TAP
       Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  June 6-8, 2001
       ISOC2001 Internet Society Conference
       Brian Carpenter, Joe Mambretti
       Stockholm, Sweden

bullet  bullet  June 5, 2001
       STAR TAP Annual Conference
       Stockholm, Sweden
       Presentation: "Optical Metro Networks, OMNI and OMNInet"
       Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  April 25-27, 2001
      16th Annual International Conference of the Association
       of University Related Research Parks (AURRP)
        Chicago, IL
        Presentation: Next Generation Internet: IP-Over-Light,
       Advanced MetroNets, and CivicNet

       Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  April 25, 2001
       Illinois Annual Technology Conference
       Chicago, IL
       Presentation: Future of Technology: The National Perspective and Illinois
        Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  March 8-9, 2001
       Great Cities Universities Consortium
       Joe Mambretti, Program Co-Chair
       Chicago, IL

bullet  bullet January 30-31, 2001
       AccessGrid Retreat
       Argonne National Laboratory
       Chicago, IL

bullet  bullet  December 13, 2000
       Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business
       Telecommunications Policy Symposium

       Joe Mambretti
       Evanston, IL
       Presentation: Convergence, Broadband, Cable, and
       Next Generation Optical Network

       Presentation: "The Global Lambda Grid and OMNInet: Architectures for Experimental Networking and Lambda-Based  Communication Services"

bullet  bullet November 28, 2000
       CANARIE's 6th Annual Advanced Networking Workshop
       Joe Mambretti
       Montreal, Canada
       Presentation: Next Generation Optical MetroNets,
       iCAIR's Optical MetroNetwork Initiative, and CivicNet

bullet  bullet  November 13, 2000
       City of Chicago Presentation of CivicNet
       Joe Mambretti
       Chicago, IL
       Presentation: MCTA, ITI, Next Generation Optical MetroNets,
       and CivicNet

bullet  bullet  October 27, 2000
       The Next Generation Internet and CivicNet
       Northwestern University, Evanston Campus
       Harris Hall, Room 108
       12:30 pm

       Joel Mambretti, Director of the Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR), Northwestern University, and a member of Mayor Richard M. Daley's Council of Technology Advisor's (MCTA) for the City of Chicago will be the guest speaker.

bullet  bullet August 5, 2000
       IP Network Services Summit
       Joe Mambretti
       Colorado Springs, CO

bullet  bullet  July 18-21, 2000
       INET 2000
       Joe Mambretti
       Yokohama, Japan
       Press Release: World's First Prototype Global
       Internet Digital Video Network (GiDVN)

       July 19, 2000
       Press Release: The iGRID 2000 Event at July INET
       Conference Showcases 23 High-Speed Global Network
       Application Demonstrations

       May 30, 2000
        Presentation: iGrid at INET2000; I2 Digital Video Initiatives; and
       International Center for Advanced Internet Research Digital
       Video Initiatives

       Presentation: The Next Generation Internet: Product Innovation
       and Next Millennium Scenarios

bullet  bullet  June 29, 2000
       BAI's Executive Symposium on eBanking: Banking Strategies
       for the New Economy
       Northwestern University, Evanston Campus

       Presentation: eBanking Strategies for the Next Generation Internet,
       by Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  June 3, 2000
       16th Annual International Conference on Advanced Science
       and Technology (ICAST)

       Presentation: The Next Generation Internet and Science Grids:
       Enabling New Discovery through Advanced Networking

       Joe Mambretti
       Chicago, IL

bullet  bullet  On December 12, 2001, iCAIR and the MCCS program held an all-day Broadband Symposium at the downtown campus. For more information about this event, visit

bullet  bullet  May 22-24, 2000
       TERENA Conference
       Presentation: Global Networking and
       Internet2 Digital Video Initiative

       Rute Sofia and Jeremy Weinberger
       Lisbon Portugal

iCAIR successfully demonstrated advanced digital video technologies, including results of experiments using IETF DiffServ QoS. The demonstrations were conducted by Rute Sofia, a Ph.D student at the University of Lisbon, who is resident at iCAIR. She is conducting research that is funded by Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional, FCCN. FCCN is a non-profit foundation, whose main purpose is to plan, manage and operate RCCN, the National Scientific Community Network. Her area of research specialization is DiffServ and IPv6. The DiffServ part of the TERENA demonstration was supported at iCAIR by Jeremy Weinberger, a Northwestern computer science student and iCAIR researcher.

With its research partners throughout the world, the International Center or Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR) is active in a number of advanced digital video projects that are directed at enhancing the state-of-the-art a well as enabling research through the development of new media capabilities. One general objective is to expand DV from its current restricted usage on the Internet to allow it to be utilized more as a common data type, especially with regard to core architecture, direct access, integration with other applications, infrastructure scaleability, differentiated services, and quality of services. At SC98, the iGRID GiDVN (Global Internet Digital Video Network) project demonstrated selected capabilities of advanced digital video and opportunities for developing a next-generation world-wide media network, via the STAR TAP. This demonstration presented the potential of the GiDVN to provide QoS-enabled DV, based on Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) DiffServ architecture, over international advanced high performance networks. iCAIR also leading the member of the I2 Digital Video initiative and a member of the Digital Video Working Group of the Coordinating Committee for International Research Networks (CCIRN). Much of iCAIR's DiffServ research has been made possible via the EMERGE project, funded by Department of Energy's Science Grid initiative.

bullet  bullet  May 19, 2000
       18th Annual Malcolm T. MacEachern Symposium
       of the Kellogg Graduate School of Management

       Northwestern University, Feinberg Pavillion, Chicago Campus

       Presentation: Enabling 21st Century Healthcare through the Next Generation Internet

bullet  bullet  May 9, 2000
       Chicago Industrial Communications Association
       Presentation: Next Generation Internet
       Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet  February 9-10, 2000
       QoS Forum, Houston, Texas
       Presentation: Experiments with Differentiated Services at iCAIR
       Joe Mambretti
       To view presentation, click here.

bullet  bullet  December 20, 1999
       Presentation to US Judiciary and Commerce Committees
       Presentation: E-Economy: The Digital Economy, The Next Generation
       Internet, & The Revised Communication Policy

       Joe Mambretti
       Washington DC

bullet  bullet  November 3, 1999
       Business Strategies Leveraging the Next-Generation Internet
       The Norris Center, Northwestern University, Evanston Campus

Business strategies leveraging the Next-Generation Internet will include Northwestern's leading-edge researchers and scholars as well as leading industry experts to bring you insight into tomorrow's business possibilities -- today.
To view the iCAIR press release, click here.
To view the NU Marketing press release, click here.
To view the agenda and presentations of events, click here.

bullet  bullet October 24-28, 1999
       1999 National Communications Forum (NCF99)
       with InfoVision Exhibits and Awards

       Panel: Economic Drivers, Demand, and Business Models
       for the Future Commercial Internet: An Overview
       of Next-Generation Internet Projects

       Presentation: An Overview of Next-Generation Internet Projects
       Joe Mambretti
       Chicago, IL

The communications industry is undergoing a revolution in terms of new technology, competition, and deregulation. New developments in digital communications, fiber optics, and wireless networking enable service providers to reach more customers with increasingly innovative services, while government regulations foster change among key players in the marketplace. Where do communications professionals go to gain an in-depth understanding of the forces at work in this rapidly changing industry? NCF99–InfoVision.

bullet  bullet October 19-21, 1999
       Second Grid Forum Meeting
       Hosted by: International Center for Advanced Internet Research,
       Northwestern University; and Mathematics & Computer Science
       Division, Argonne National Laboratory

       Thorne Auditorium, Northwestern University, Chicago Campus

The Grid Forum is being proposed as a means of enhancing the effectiveness of these diverse activities by providing communication among practitioners and, in particular, the definition of standard infrastructure elements.

bullet  bullet September 22, 1999
       Second World Forum on Smart Communities, sponsored by
       the World Foundation
       Presentation: The Next Generation Internet --- The Future
       of E-Commerce and E-Government in a new Era of Broadband

       Joe Mambretti
       Chicago, IL

The next-generation Internet, the outlines of which are just now coming into view through such projects as NGI, Internet2, and CivicNet will usher in a truly new era of interactive broadband communications, greatly accelerating the future of e-commerce and e-government. While research and development is still in embryonic stages, the promise of yet another major advance in information infrastructures accelerating on entry into the digital age, is only a short step away from reality.

bullet  bullet  August 19, 1999
       The Integrated Boardband Networks '99 Conference
       Presentation: Supporting Next Generation Internet Applications
       Joe Mambretti
       Chicago, IL

The presentation given was on the implications of providing a range of next-generation Internet applications, such as multimedia and IP telephony, over the Internet, including issues related to technical architecture and to new emerging technologies for supporting such applications.

bullet  bullet  August 10, 1999
       Bridging the Gap Between Applications and Technology
       NASA Ames Moffet Field, CA
       Demo: Demo on Advanced Multimedia for the Next Generation Internet
       Speech: Material Science Community Corporation

bullet  bullet  June 22-25, 1999
       INET '99
       San Jose, CA

bullet  bullet April, 1999
       STAR TAPSM HPIIS Meeting
       Chicago, IL

Dinner hosted by Ameritech Corporation. Meeting hosted by the International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR), Northwestern University.

bullet  bullet  April 6, 1999
       iCAIR Press Conference
       Northwestern University, Chicago Campus
       Pictures from the press conference

bullet  bullet  December 17-18, 1998
       Middleware Workshop,
       Northwestern University, Evanston Campus
       Center-sponsored, NSF/Cisco

bullet  bullet December 15-16, 1998
       CANARIE 3rd Annual Advanced Networking Workshop
       Ottawa Congress Center, Ottawa, Canada

This annual event features national and international speakers from Canada, United States, Europe, and Asia who present the latest advanced networking strategies and developments in their countries.

bullet  bullet December 16, 1998
       Presentation on "Measurement Tools"
       David Martin
       Evanston Campus

bullet  bullet December 15, 1998
       Presentation on "The International Center for Advanced Internet
       Research: A New Entity for Global Collaborations"

       Joe Mambretti
       Evanston Campus

bullet  bullet December 7, 1998
       Q Bone Quality of Service Meeting,
       Northwestern University, Evanston Campus

bullet  bullet  December 3-4, 1998
       Middleware Workshop,
       Northwestern University, Evanston Campus
       Center-sponsored, with NSF, Cisco and IBM

bullet  bullet  December 1, 1998
       Organizational Meeting of the QBone Initiative
       Center-hosted forum

This event was the first organizational meeting of the Qbone initiative. The Qbone is a project established to create a DiffServ testbed. The Center is leading an international consortium, as one of the entities participating in the initial phase of the Qbone testbed. To provide appropriate support for end-to-end high quality service over high performance networks, it is necessary to address a wide-range of key QoS related issues and to allow for proving concepts through a testbed network.

Related to this project are activities attempting to ensure that the Qbone can be implemented across multiple domains and systems. As part of this process, it will be necessary to arrive at a common understanding of optimal DiffServ design and implementation among many possible technologies and options related to selecting components and parameters, starting with selecting and provisioning for specific service categories and determining service category parameters and attributes.

bullet  bullet November 17, 1998
       Metropolitan Advanced Networking, including a Center Presentation
       and Demonstration,
       Northwestern-hosted Policy Forum

Presentation on "Advanced Networking Infrastructure," Joe Mambretti. "Demonstration of GiDVN: Global Internet Digital Video Network": Geoff Gass, Jim Chen, Joe Mambretti. SingAREN NOC Center. This demonstration to the metropolitan Planning Council of interactive digital video between Chicago and Singapore was a presentation of a research project that is developing a common digital video capability to communicate with national and international colleagues in real time over international high-speed networks.

bullet  bullet November 13, 1998
       Research Presentation Forum

Presentations of Network Research Work-in-Progress by Scientists at the Thomas Watson Research Center, Hawthone, N.Y.

bullet  bullet November 9-13, 1998
       Supercomputing '98: High Performance Networking and
       Computing Conference

       Orlando, Florida
       Center-supported demonstrations

"3D Scientific Visualization over High Performance Networks: Turbulent Convection and Dynamos in Stars, an Advanced Astrophysics Technology Showcase at SC98 (Supercomputing '98)." This demonstration was a joint project with MREN, and NREN, NASA's Research and Education Network.

"GiDVN: Global Internet Digital Video"
Collaborators: Geoff Gass, Jim Chen, Joe Mambretti, R.P.H. Chang, Prof. Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University; Tham Chen Khong, National University of Singapore; Singapore, Syamai K. Lahiri, Ong Chin Siang, Institute of Materials Research & Engineering, Singapore.

This demonstration, at the iGrid booth, International Grid Research Demonstrations, was a snapshot of ongoing work to develop a common digital video platform to communicate with national and international colleagues in real time over international high-speed networks.
"Exploring CAVERNsoft Teleimmersion Collaborations through the iGRID Portal Numerous Collaborators," including Jim Chen of the Center and others from Northwestern, This Center supported part of this demonstration, which was at the iGrid booth, presented "The Silk Road Cave Shrines -- Mogoa Grottoes of Dunhuang in China" -- with VR Teleimmersion.

bullet  bullet  November 6, 1998
       Turbulent Convection in Stars Interative Video Conference
       Northwestern University
       Center-hosted event

Center Demonstration Interactivity video conference from Northwestern to University of Minnesota, on 3D Scientific Visualization over High Performance Networks: Turbulent Convection and Dynamos in Stars, in preparation for an Advanced Astrophysics Technology Showcase at SC98, a joint project with MREN, and NREN, NASA's Research and Education Network.

bullet  bullet  November 1-4, 1998
       US-Asia Pacific Technology and Education for the 21st Century
       The Service of Society, Turtle Bay, Hawaii

Presentation on "Advanced National and International Networking," Joe Mambretti, also co-development of research report on topics related to communication and future information technologies with project team.

bullet  bullet  October 8-9, 1998
       National Policy Forum
       Center participation and presentation

"Making the Net Work for Research and Higher Education: Future Directions for National Investment in Networking and Information Technologies," a policy summit for senior executives of EPSCoR universities and government officials concerned with directions in higher education networking, sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Research Competitiveness Program, San Diego Supercomputing Center (SDSC), San Diego California. In part this forum reviewed the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee Report.

Presentation on "The University Mission and Information Technology for the 21st Century," by Joe Mambretti, participation in report development.

bullet  bullet  October 8, 1998
       I2-DSI Organizational Meeting,
       Knoxville, Tennessee
       Center participation

This project is developing a scalable backbone for the high-performance service grid, including replication, caching and storage services. This project is closely related to the I2-DVN project.

bullet  bullet  August 18, 1998
       Educause Net@EDU Forum on Pricing for Advanced Data
       Communication Services
       Northwestern Univeristy, Allen Center
       Center-hosted event

Pricing for advanced data communication services is an important and complex issue, involving many different components. This forum was developed to begin to develop a framework for examining core issues. Presentation on perspectives from the point-of-view of a GigaPOP, MREN, Joe Mambretti

bullet  bullet August 13-14, 1998
       Post-vBNS Workshop
       Center participation

This policy forum developed by EDUCAUSE's EDU*Net, examined models and options for the successor program to the NSF's vBNS.

bullet  bullet  August 2-4, 1998
       Second Annual Globus Retreat
       Oakbrook, Illinois
       Center participation (

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